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Three Phase GSM Mobile Motor Pump Controller with All Safety Protection, Alerts & Timer Features(Mobile Motor Starter)

Three Phase GSM Motor Pump controller with all Protection Features through SMS/CALL/Android App

Our GSM Pump Controllers (Mobile Pump Starter) are most unique and specially designed for farmers, agriculturists and industries to operate and monitor remotely located submersible pumps and motors.  They can switch ON and switch OFF the motor pumps from their homes or anywhere by using a SMS / CALL / Android Application. It also saves water, time and electricity. Our GSM based mobile pump controller are manufactured with advanced embedded micro controller technology and quality process.

MotorPump Protection Features:

  • Single Phase Failure - Controller will not switch on the motor, if any one of the phase fails.
  • Phase Reverse / Phase Sequence Fail - If the sequence of three phase is changed, then the Controller will not switch on the motor.
  • Phase Imbalance / Unbalance / LH Voltage - If one or more of the line-to-line voltages in a three-phase system are mismatched then the controller will not switch on the motor.
  • Over Load - If the motor pump draws more current than the set current, then it will protect from overload and switch off the motor.
  • Dry run - If the motor pump runs without water, GSM controller will switch off the motor and protects it from dry run.
  • Registered User - The motor pump can be protected from the unauthorized users by enabling this feature through SMS.
  • Timer - The motor pump can be used as scheduled timer / delay timer.


Salient Features:

  • User can operate the motor pump from anywhere in the world through CALL / SMS / Android app.
  • User is not charged for CALL to control the motor pump.
  • GSM Technology, Reliable operation, Worldwide Connectivity.
  • Low cost, Quality, Less Maintenance and robust device.
  • Suitable for all types of three phase motors.
  • Supports motors of any HP and any capacity.
  • Works with any models of starters.
  • Operate with any SIM operator in your region.
  • External antenna for better signal output.
  • SIM card slot backside of PCB.
  • Visible LED indications to know the power on, motor on, dry run, overload.
  • Line fault LED indication denotes - Single phase failure, Phase Sequence Fail, Phase imbalance.
  • LED indication for GSM network status, SIM ready, SMS/CALL, Timer.
  • Auto ON LED indication - Whenever the power resumes, the controller checks all the three phases and if found to be okay, then motor will be switch on automatically and is denoted by this LED indication. This feature occurs only if it is enabled. 
  • Manual ON LED indication - This indication glows when the motor pump is started by pressing the green button of the starter.
  • SMS alerts for motor ON/ motor OFF. Live motor operation status available via SMS.
  • Helps to use the existing mobile to operate the device.
  • Fully programmable.
  • No auxiliary power supply required for controller operation.
  • Can enable access to authorized users.
  • Microcontroller based advanced embedded technology
  • Easy to install.             
  • Easy to operate.

Note: The CT coil provided with the default model will support upto 20 HP motorpump. In case, if the motorpump is above 20 HP kindly inform us the Horse Power (HP) before ordering, so that we will help you by providing suitable CT coil accordingly. 


  • GSM mobile motor starter are being used mostly in agricultural sectors, farm houses and remote locations when power supply is not regular and farmers have to feed water to their fields.
  • GSM based water level controller find its applications where water pumps are installed far away from the residential colonies.
  • It used in many industries and factories too where the overhead tank and starter locations are far away.
  • GSM mobile motor starter is also known as GSM / SMS motor starter controller, GSM Wireless water level controller, Cell phone motor starter and GSM SIM based Remote Starter Control System.

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Input Power Supply Three Phase AC
Internal Voltage 12V DC
GSM Band - Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Relay Ratings 10A / 250V AC relay
Power Consumption 15 Watts
Power ON Delay 10 Seconds
Enclosure Plastic cabinet
Diamensions 15x4x8.5 cm
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