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GSM Antenna & Others

Brand: RMG Model: ANT2
Description:  ​This antenna is designed for GSM GPRS 900/1800mhz system of communication terminal system. The antenna is structure compact and convenient for easy installation. Commonly used in GSM repeater, GSM sensor, GSM module & GSM modems. Features: Lower VSWR. Signal sta..
Rs. 199.00
Brand: RMG Model: ANT3
This GSM strip antenna  is designed for GSM GPRS 900/1800MHz system of communication. This module comes with SMA connector and is 3 meter long. Specifications of GSM strip antenna long: Supply voltage: 3.3 ~ 5.0V DC Cable length : 3m Polarization: Linear polarization Frequen..
Rs. 149.00
Brand: RMG Model: ANT1
This is the antenna for GSM Modems. A small, high-quality, quad-band, standard SMA terminated, cellular antenna. Has a length of 2 inches. Specifications of Quadband GSM Antenna – SMA(2") GSM/850E: 824 to 894MHz GSM: 880 to 960MHz DCS: 1710 to 1880MHz PCS: 1850 to 1990MHz Anten..
Rs. 99.00
Brand: RMG Model: SP
A surge protector is an electrical device that is used to protect equipment against power surges and voltage spikes while blocking voltage over a safe threshold voltage. When a threshold is over the normal voltage (AC230V or AC440V), a surge protector shorts to ground voltage or blocks the voltage. ..
Rs. 349.00
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