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IoT/Wi-Fi Based Smart Water Tank Level Monitoring System


        IoT (Internet of Things) technology is currently being used in abundance across industries. IoT is the future, with many societal benefits. It is a full-fledged solution, comprising customizable and flexible features for ease of use. The rapid acceptance of technology in the water industry is a bold step toward progress, which makes a great impact on overall productivity.

         We feel proud to say that we are one among the handful leading manufacturers launching the, “IOT based Smart Water Level Indicator.”

         Here you go!!! This product needs internet/Wi-Fi to work with. As such, this device can be accessed from any nook and corner of the world. You just need to have internet in the vicinity of the product.

         There is a special mention that our RMG smart water level Indicator can be controlled by “n” number of users and in one mobile app, each user can monitor & control “n” number of devices at one point. Live water level with user friendly programmable settings are available.

         We are unique among other brands in assured quality, affordable pricing and customized solutions where we update the Firmware Over-The-Air – “FOTA” providing ease and comfort to the users.


RMG Smart Water Level Indicator lets you monitor the water level from anywhere in the world through Internet or Wi-Fi. It gives two different buzzer Alarms when tank is empty and tank is full. This Alarm helps to switch ON and switch OFF the motor pumps Manually. So, it prevents overflow of water. Both of these alarm levels are user-programmable, and you can enable or disable the alarms as desired.

  • Power ON/OFF switch: This switch is provided at the bottom side to switch ON or switch OFF the controller unit.
  • Power ON LED: It indicates the power supply to the unit.
  • SIGNAL LED: It refers to the connection between the cloud server and the device. Flashes permanently when a connection is available. If there is no connection, it will blink the LED.


Any Time Any Where

You can Access or Control your devices.

User Friendly

Mobile App for Easy Access

All Family

members can access with their mobile phones

QR code

You can add devices by simple scanning.


Firmware Updates Over The Air

  • Very compact and portable.
  • Personalized activation through QR code
  • User interface with Android System (Coming soon for iOS and web application)
  • Anytime Anywhere control.
  • “N” number of user access
  • “N” number of devices monitoring in one single app
  • Assured quality with affordable pricing.
  • All Firmware updates are over the air (FOTA available)
  • No charges for the server access.
  • Seamless Communication
  • Live Tank level updates
  • Highly Durable and Long Life.
  • High performance.
  • Easy to Install
  • Advanced embedded technology is used for manufacturing.
  • It supports Magnetic float switch/sensor, Contact type sensor
  • No Electric Shock
  • 12 Months Warranty

Uses and Advantages
  • Used for Remote monitoring of multiple tanks.
  • Prevents overflow and wastage of water.
  • Prevents wastage of power/electricity.
  • Saves our money.
  • Helps to monitor the tank levels along with automatic motor controls wherever you are.
  • One time investment. Long term satisfaction.
  • No need to depend on manpower.
  1. Useful in real-time monitoring solution for the water industry and other sectors that utilize water as their primary resource, helping to mitigate scarcity’s impact.
  2. Suitable for multistoried apartments, industries, schools, colleges and many charitable institutions, malls where water consumption is more and water should be maintained.


User Manual - SMWLI

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Input Power Supply Single Phase - AC 230V
FOTA Upgrade Yes. Available.
Wi-Fi Frequency 2.4Ghz b/g/n
Low/High Level Alarm Yes, User Programmable
Power Consumption 5 Watts
Depth of Tank Upto 6 meters
LED Indications Power ON, Wi-Fi Signal
Type of Liquid Most Liquid
Enclosure Plastic cabinet
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