TIK-TIK-TIK Digital Wall Clock

“Time and Tide wait for None” is saying. But we are here to serve you.

This digital wall clock is so amazing, that the visible 7 segment LED helps to see the time even from a distance or even at night time. Many senior citizens prefer this product. Usually a regular wall clock even if it is big, may sometime helpless for aged people. But this digital wall clock helps them to see better.

It is not only useful for Aged people, but also can be used in many places like Clinics, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Banks, Theaters, Malls, Wedding Halls, Shops, Church, Temples, Mosque, Pilgrim centers, Reception or waiting area, Living rooms, Porticos and many more. It can be also used in Buses, Trains and near Traffic Signals.

There are so many makes and brands in market, but I would say we customize the product as per customer requirement and that’s where special we are!


A couple of years back, we had an enquiry from a reputed College @ Madurai, where they needed almost 15 Digital Clocks to be fitted in their buses. Usually, AC 230V supply is given for the product. But they requested DC 12V (3 nos) and 24V DC (12 nos)


With thorough R&D, we customized the Clock as per their requirement. Our model number goes this way – L2DC. Below is the photograph of the installed equipment.


Here is the link: https://rmgautomation.com/Led_Display/Electronic_Digital_LED_Wall_Clock

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