RMG’s Automatic RO (Reverse Osmosis) Control panel

On a Sunny Day, our regular dealer dropped down to office to get a solution for water level controller to be installed in his client premises. While conversing in general, the dealer lamented about his day to day hassles with other RO control panels in market.

We introduced our RO panel to him and gave him a sample for a trial. It was RO11 model. He installed it in one of his client’s premises. The photograph is shared below. The date of the photograph taken is also mentioned in it.

After a week, he dropped down to our office again with much joy and happiness to thank us for the solution. He was very much happy and said,

“I am very happy that I could get a vendor in my locality manufacturing RO control Panels along with service support. The product is amazingly working”.

He gave more orders in bulk and referred so many RO dealers too.

Initially, the dimensions were disturbing, but later all our RO dealers could figure out their own to arrange the metal frame for our product size.

I would like to emphasize here, that RO control Panel Dealers in Chennai can think of RMG’s RO Panel instead of Astero as we live near you for quick solutions along with service support. Regarding cost wise, we are providing an attractive rate comparing to other RO control panel vendors in market.

I believe this RO panel will help our Chennai RO dealers to avoid shipping cost getting it from other states and districts and will also get relieved about the tension to get the defective item repaired transporting to distant locations. Transportation charges are saved as a result.

Think about it!!

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