On 10th April 2024, Mr. Prasanth Kumar from Banthinda, Punjab approached us on What’s app for his requirement to control his DC solar motor. Below is his requirement.



  • I have two solar plates 12v 170 watt
  • I connected them in series
  • And connected to 16A MCB
  • And connected to submersible DC solar motor 
  • Then now I will turn on when sun set is available.
  • Off when water is sufficient to plants
  • These system is going manually
  • Then I want to control through mobile from anywhere in in India..
  • Is it possible.
  • U can?



We recommended our basic model GSM mobile controller. We modified it as per his needs. We came to know that his requirement was to give input DC 24V to our device. We modified the product’s input voltage to be DC 24V and gave him a live demo of the product to him.



Mostly, our RMG GSM mobile motor pump controllers are used in agricultural farms where the motor runs in 230V AC or three phase motors. In some areas, people use solar power and run their motor pumps in DC supply for which they seek the gsm mobile controllers. We, RMG AUTOMATION customize the basic model as per your requirement so that customers like Mr. Prashant can use this product for Solar motors also.


Place order through What’s app. 9940594413.