How to choose my water level indicator?

Many of you have requirements of water level indicator. I get enormous calls for water level indicator. The main purpose of yours will be to monitor your tank levels, so that you can turn on and turn off the motor as per your choice based on the tank levels. We have varied models to fulfil your needs.

We know the needs of every customer is individualized. So right from the basic model till IOT (Internet of Things) based smart water level indicator we have categorized them in our website so that you can choose the right one for you. Coming to the point. When you want water level indicator, just understand we have two categories. 1. Water level indicator – Wired 2. Water level indicator – Wireless

Wired type needs cabling from the indicator till the overhead tank sensors. Use CAT 6 cables to join the product and the sensors. Whereas wireless does not have lengthy cabling. Wireless product has one receiver and one transmitter. The receiver will be the indicator and can be connected anywhere you prefer. The transmitter has to be fixed nearby the tank. It may require one or two meters’ cable to connect the transmitter box and the sensors.

You may wonder why this wiring is again needed to join the sensors and transmitter. Our product has varied wireless models. We have power supply type transmitters and battery type transmitter. When it comes to the power supply type transmitters, it needs 230V supply and is indoor variety. You can lay cable upto 9 mtrs from the sensors of tank till the transmitter sensor cords. Obviously we need to fulfill the distance between the transmitter and sensors. The indoor transmitters should be mounted so that they should not get wet in rain.

I always recommend wireless products to schools, colleges, industries, factories, apartments, malls, wedding halls, hospitals and high storeyed buildings upto 8 to 10 floors. We have hands on experience in wireless. Our wireless product covers up 800m to 1000m range in line of sight.

Line of Sight is a very important word. The line of sight is the antenna tip to tip in straight line has to be positioned. If there is no line of sight, the range will come down and in such a case, you may have to use repeaters in between the receiver and transmitter and also we can extend the antenna with special cable (customized) upto 5 mtrs.

Now coming to the point. I never recommend the wireless to end users who are elderly people. Because, there are few periods, where we may have to trouble shoot these products where it will be laborious for them to co-ordinate and other stuff. In case of high building which I explained earlier, there will be a technical team to handle and co-ordinate with us for trouble shooting.

With these above information, you may wonder, what this lady is speaking negatively about the wireless products. No, it is not. In the market, our wireless products are the best I would say. We are using quality raw materials for manufacturing. We are working tirelessly to give the quality goods. Wireless works on radio frequency wave communication. As you know RF waves communication rely on atmospheric conditions also. In case, if disconnects, we may have to pair it again. It is a very rare scenario. During that condition, elderly end users are lamenting without understanding the reality in my experience. For them, wired solution will be the best option.

Now, we have launched water level indicator models working on GSM based and Internet / Wifi based. Nowadays, people love to use apps. So IOT is the best solution. We have youtube videos explaining about various models. When it comes to GSM, it is purely SIM based and you will be notified of each levels through sms.

So at the end of the day, you will be comforted with our products and we give best offers then and there to enjoy the automation.

The day I wrote this blog, was literally a hot summer day. So chill yourselves with these products to avoid tension.

I am sharing our website links so that you can place order according to your needs. There are 2 types of sensors. Contact type sensors and magnetic float sensors. Both are equally good. Except for Customers who are from Kerala where the water will be very soft as they have back waters, others can get contact type sensors which will be cost efffect. And magnetic float sensors will be good choice for Kerala customers.

Happy Automation!!!

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