Advanced Model GSM Mobile Motor Controller - SIM CARD HASSLES

Hi Viewers!

I am casually writing this blog. In this blog, I am focusing on the common mistakes at customers end after using our GSM mobile pump controller. 

Out of 100% call rate, 50% of the calls pertain to GSM device is not replying. 

Do you what is the reason?

It may sound so simple. Customers forget to recharge their sim cards. I understand that it is natural to call RMG AUTOMATION when device is not responding to you.

But here sim cards belongs to customer and it is purely based on network service provider.  Kindly recharge your sim cards a day before the validity is over. Keep a reminder in your phone or in your log. 

Secondly,  the user numbers are not properly registered with gsm unit and without adding the user list, customers activate for registered users. During this time, you will not get any response

In this case, you are definitely requested to call our office at these number to get the reset option - 9940594413 / 04443180017. You can also send a what's app message to 9940594413 with proper mention of the gsm device sim number for resetting the device.

We have posted many self help videos in youtube, instagram and facebook creating awareness about all these. 

Thirdly, another important thing is that when you are inserting a new sim, make sure that the call and sms facility are perfect by using it in a small phone. When you have applied for new sim cards, the network service providers usually say within half an hour the sim will get activated. But it is not so in the real case.

They are taking 3 - 4 hours for activation and sometimes even 24 hours for sms options. As our product is purely based on sms, we request our customers to be aware of these sim issues. 

Use Airtel, BSNL and VI sim cards whichever has good network signal in your area. 

CONCLUSION: We request all customers to put the gsm sim cards in a small phone and validate its function before calling RMG. In case, if SIM is correct, but you are not getting any response from the device, we are available to support you. 

-Thank you