Timers Varieties

A timer is an automatic mechanism for activating a device at a preset time.

Stop Timer

Our RMG's STOP timer controller is becoming so essential for our customers especially house owners. Because tenants keep forgetting to turn off the motor.

Also family members forget to switch off their pumps. Because of over running, their monthly Electricity bills are hiked and they suffer to pay the huge amount.

It eliminates the constant need to check your watch or phone, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without worrying about time slipping away.

Our RMG stop timer provides flexibility in setting different time intervals. Three models are there with 2 minutes interval, 5 mintues interval and 10 minutes interval.

Thus this timer Eliminates the need for constant time-checking.

Price is 1300/-

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Digital ON OFF Cyclic Timer

In today's technologically advanced world, digital cyclic timers have become increasingly popular due to their precision and versatility. 

People from drip irrigation system, hydrophonics mostly seek these timers. 

From controlling the irrigation system in your garden to managing the lighting schedule in a commercial building, digital cyclic timers are the go-to solution.

Digital cyclic timers also offer a higher degree of accuracy when compared to their analog counterparts. 

They can be programmed down to the second, ensuring precise control over the duration of each cycle. Additionally, digital timers often come with intuitive interfaces that allow for easy programming and adjustment of settings.

"With the convenience and precision of digital cyclic timers, managing cyclical activities has never been easier!"

Price is 1700/-

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Analog Cyclic Timer

While digital timers have become increasingly popular, analog cyclic timers still hold their own unique charm and practicality. These mechanical devices rely on physical components and intricate mechanisms to control time and execute cyclical tasks. 

They offer a tactile and nostalgic experience that appeals to those who appreciate the simplicity and reliability of traditional technology.

The rotatory switches especially helps the old aged conservative people to deal with it efficiently to set the time.

Price is 1200/-

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Real Time Controller

In the realm of automation, real-time controllers play a vital role. These sophisticated devices are designed to process and respond to data in real-time, making them indispensable in various domains such as manufacturing, robotics, and home automation. 

Real-time controllers ensure that actions are executed immediately and precisely, without any noticeable delays.

People require their motor pumps to start and stop for the set real time. Some of them are time specific and they terribly need such timers for their motors.

Real time controllers Process and respond to data in real-time, minimizing delays.

25 programmable slots are their to set the time.

Price is 2700/-

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