Automatic Dual Motor Pump Controlling System for AC Water Drain Pan

Customer’s Set Up:

Nithin’s Aircon Pvt Ltd. Is one of the leading businesses in AC installation Services. They had a peculiar requirement to control dual motor that was used in the drain pan. The drain pan stores approximately 20 litres of indoor condenser water where it’s outlet reaches the drain points. The drain pan once reaches the maximum point, the motor pump will be ON and that helps ejecting the water into the pipeline to reach the drain point and the motor pump is switched off once the drain pan water goes low. There is another motor as a standby which will be used in case of the first motor failure.

Customer’s Actual Requirement:

Customer required the following automation:

1. To control two motor pump of the drain pan automatically.

2. To Switch ON the motor pump when drain pan level is full.

3. To Switch OFF the motor pump when drain pan level is low.

4. To detect the motor failure and switchover to the standby motor.

RMG’s Solution:

        RMG’s Digital Fully Automatic Water Level Controller was customized as Dual motor pump controller fulfilling the above mentioned condition. It was just a reverse model of regular pump controller that they required for. 

A CT coil was added to sense the current rating. Based on sensing the current, the motor failure was diagnosed and the standby motor was started. 

Here goes the Motor 1 starts when drain pan is full and in case of its failure, Motor 2 starts until the drain pan reach the low level.

Thus, we proudly say, that we have reduced their high expenditure with a simple solution with quality.