Hi Everyone! We proudly announce that we are completing 10 yrs of business in this field of home automation.


We started our journey by making a simple water level controller. Hailing from agricultural family, we understood the day to day hassles faced by farmers. We wanted to manufacturer GSM based mobile motor controller. As soon as we developed, I showed it to my father in law. It was so nice that he could operate from our home. Both my in-laws were happy. But my father in law is not used to these kind of gadgets. After turning on the motor, he will go to farm and personally verify it. I always admire his act. But, my mother in law always likes to use these electronic gadgets. At the end of the day, both were happy about our manufacturing.


We observed the performance and launched it online for sales after thorough R&D.


We have developed many products pertaining to motor controller. Wired, RF wireless, Timers, GSM based solution and now stepped into IOT based controllers too.


We have been encouraged by many customers. Even after 10 yrs, our products are robust and still working fine in their premises. I have posted many shorts, reels and videos in our social media platform in order to make everyone understand about our contribution in this field of automation.


You may see few negative feedback in social media. I would say one thing. There are critics who give negative feedback for many singers like Shreya Ghoshal, Lata Mangeshkar. It means, is their contribution in the field of music is less? No Right!. There are people who like Shreya Ghoshal and dislike others. And vice versa.


Similarly, few people develop some kind of hatred attitude for no reason. To be frank, all the negative review of us in social media prove that those customers had received the maximum support from me. I used to wonder initially why they behave like that. But now I understand things better, that satisfying everyone in this world is not at all possible. We are doing the best beyond the regular expectations of customers. We are committed to every purchase of our customers and give proper solution.


We guide every customer, understand their requirement and give prompt solutions at very less cost.


Every requirement is unique and solutions are different according to the needs and priorities of customers. We understand the site set up with the hand sketch given by them and get into the details of every motor they have. We request the photos of the motor switch and co-relate the set up. We ask their choices and preferences and we work out the best solution possible. Once they are okay with solution, we provide them quote and customers with no further negotiation, book their orders with us. You know why, our prices are always best compared to others.

We are very much thrilled and energetic to resolve many of your hassles by providing the best automation solution.


With your support and trust, we will provide our contribution towards automation with our best products.


Looking forward for another decade of success in this field of automation.


Thank you!