Dual Motor Pump Controller with Sump Priority


One fine day, more than 5 years back, Mr. Karthik from Hassan called me and said that he had a single overhead tank. This single tank receives water separately from Borewell through a Motor. Also the Cauvery water that is stored in the underground storage tank (Sump) fills the overhead tank with the help of another Motor. He requested a complete automation of this set up in a single system. It was initial days of our business. We had a quest of solving his requirement and we came out with a custom solution.


This was the solution. We provide 3 levels for sump and 4 levels for overhead tank. First the sump level is checked and if the overhead tank is empty, Sump motor will get ON first. It will fill up the tank. In case if the water becomes empty in sump, borewell motor starts and starts filling the tank and fills up. Once the tank is full, both borewell motor and sump motor are switched OFF. Thus water will be always maintained in the tank.


We sent a short video of the custom product and he exclaimed “This is what I want”. With no further questions on the product, just he asked me the bank account to transfer the money and the product was dispatched to him. He made a second order too. 


He referred our product to so many and we usually get so many calls from Bangalore especially because, this kind of set up is frequent there. So Bangaloreans, make use of this wonderful product!!!!!