On January 1St 2021, Major Khan called me over phone and wished me for the New Year Eve. I came to understand that he is our old customer who is using our GSM Mobile Motor Controller for a couple of years. He was a retired person from Army who is now involved in Agriculture. It was sounding great. He is serving the nation even after his retirement. Even individual is born to serve some purpose. He is really fulfilling the purpose.


“Happy with the product”

He said, “I am completely happy with your product. It has reduced my full burden. I am not travelling long distance to my farm and RMG GSM mobile motor controller is helping me a lot. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product”. I was really overwhelmed hearing his feedback about the product. We have sold humpty number of GSM units all over India for the past 5 years. Everyone of them are actually benefitted with our product. Yet very few posts positive feedbacks and share their happiness. But Major Khan and few other customers also called me on the New Year Eve and wished me. Major Khan also had another requirement to purchase our Advanced GSM Mobile Motor Controller. He rang me again at the end of July 2021 for the new product. He was happy to hear that advanced model will satisfy all his needs.


“RMG GSM saved my fuel expenses”

While saying so, he was very much worried of the hike in the fuel prices during that time and it is very much affecting most of the farmers to travel a long distance from their home to their farms. He said that his fuel expenses are very much saved due to RMG GSM mobile starter. He also stated that most of the agriculturists and farmers are not getting much profit from doing farming. They strive a lot physically to get something out of that. “This GSM product SAVED my money”, states Major Khan.


I would say, we cannot live without food. As a human being, As a person, As a citizen of our nation, everyone of us should realize the value of a farmer and his day to day difficulties. We RMG AUTOMATION, feel proud of ourselves that through some way or other, helping the poor farmers and agriculturists with our products. We request each and everyone to make use of this product and enjoy the Automation.

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