Harmony’s Harmonious Life with RMG’s FAWLC-043-100

Harmony Residences Pvt Ltd. are one of the reputed clients of RMG AUTOMATION. We have been associated with them since February 2016 and we have provided automation for all their projects from then on till now. It being 5 years with them harmoniously working.

  • Harmony Residencies Main Office Buiding at Ashok Nagar.
  • Harmony Pearl.
  • Harmony Saraswathi.
  • Harmony Sangeetha.

Almost, in all their sites, the set up would be Tank and Sump and use metro water only. They have a storage tank which we call as sump and store the Corporation metro water in it. They use up a small motor to push the water to the overhead tank. This will be the routine set up and thus they wanted to monitor both the tank and sump level and a complete automation of the motors.


We send our executives to the sites at the time of electrical wiring and suggest the electrical/plumbing men to wire in the way that has to be done to install our product. Product suggestions, softcopy and working operation are informed. Once, the handover day comes, Harmony Purchase Officer informs us to install the product. Our team will install the FAWLC-043-100 model. It is Fully Automatic Water Level Controller with Indication for tank and sump. At the end of the day customer feels happy.

I would like to emphasize that all Builders can approach us and get a complete automation solution for your projects.