Do you forget to switch off the motor pump?

Does your overhead tank is overflowing as a result?

Are your tenants consuming more water than normal?

We are here to solve this issue. Most often the house owners / land owners do not prefer to give the control of motor pump in tenant hands. Because of their hard earned money, they would have purchased their property and the owners are very particular that water should not be lavishly spent or wasted just like that. Do you think that their thoughts are wrong?

Definitely not!

I would say, due to Global Warming, we are facing so many hazards. We cut down trees, and trying to deteriorate nature. There is no rain as a result and the water table in the earth naturally goes down. So, to save water is one’s definite responsibility. We cannot simply blame the tenants too. Of course, they also run behind money for survival. At times forget to switch off the motor. At the end of the day, both the owners and tenants land up in rift and quarrel one another. So, we RMG team give a solution through one of our product called Semi-automatic controller.

What is Semi-automatic controller?

It is simply MANUAL ON AND AUTO CUT OFF of the motor.

Here, the semi-automatic controller should be connected with the motor. The semi-automatic device has a start button in it. Users can just switch on the motor with the help of the start button. Motor gets started and it will automatically get switched off once the tank is full.

So, this is the prompt solution for the house owners. They can have watch over the motor and monitor how many times the motor is running in a day. Water consumption is also checked and alerted for the tenants if it consumed more. This product also helps them to save their Electricity Bills. It also avoid the quarrel and retain the human relationship above all.