Customized IOT Based Smart Water Level Controller and Indicator for 2 motors

Hi Everyone! In this blog, I am going to explain you about one of our client's requirement for IOT based smart water level controller.

Customer lives in UAE and he has 2 motors in Kerala. He wanted to control the motors through mobile phone from UAE. 

Customer requirement

There are 2 motor pumps taking water from a common sump (also known as underground tank). 

One pump takes water to the overhead tank.

Other pump is used for irrigation.

Both pumps should stop when water in the sump is empty.

Irrigation pump will be manually turned on.

Overhead tank pump will automatically turn on and turn off when water is present in the sump.

RMG solution

We have designed 2 IOT controllers. One controller for overhead tank motor with regular operation. The other controller with a reverse concept where it stops when water is unavailable in the sump. In fact both the motors stops during that time. 

Customer exclaimed "Wow Wonderful" in voice message through what's app. 

Imagine the smartness in this solution! No human intervention needed, no risk of dry running the pumps.

A parting thought: I’m not one to lecture, but remember folks, automation in our daily lives isn't just cool. 

It's about interacting with our environment in a sustainable and efficient way. And what's more sustainable than conserving water and energy?

IoT based Smart Water Level Controller is thus providing practicality, energy conservation, and water management, 

without forgetting the quirks of daily life. That's what I call a true marvel of technology! 

Below is the video link to watch its performance.

Video - English Version

Video - Hindi Version

Video - Tamil Version