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RTC Timer

Real Time Clock Timer

Brand: RMG Model: SBT
Automatic School / College / Industries Bell Timer            We engaged in manufacturing, exporting, and trading microcontroller based Automatic School Bell Timer. These bell timers are manufactured under the supervision of our team of experts, using optimum quality..
Rs. 3,499.00
Brand: RMG Model: DRTWLC
Digital Real Time Water Level Controller             It has 16 programmable switch ON time for the motor pump per day. The motor is switched ON in the set time and it will automatically switch OFF when the tank is full (also when sump is empty in case of sump users)...
Rs. 3,508.00
Brand: RMG Model: MPRTS
Multi-Purpose & Programmable Real Time Switch            It is real time & day based timer used to control any electrical device for the set time. It has 25 ON & OFF programmable time slots to nbsp;switch ON & OFF. Product D..
Rs. 2,699.00
Brand: RMG Model: RTWLC
Real Time Water Level Controller               This controller is a real time based timer used for switching the motor pumps for the set time along with water overflow preventor. It has 25 ON & OFF programmable time slots where the motor pump can be ..
Rs. 2,699.00
Brand: RMG Model: SLT
Street Light Timer           It is real time based timer which is used to control the street lights. It automatically switch on/off the street lights at the preset time. By using this timer, we can switch off the lights during the day time preventing p..
Rs. 2,699.00
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