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GSM+RF Complete Wireless Mobile Water Level Controller with Indicator for Overhead Tank

GSM+RF Complete Wireless Mobile Water Level Controller with Indicator through SMS/CALL/Android App

Our regular GSM mobile motor controller had helped so many farmers and agriculturists so far. It gives us immense pleasure when they call us and thank us for such a lovely solution. We are very much motivated by their positive feedback. We realised that few customers have requirements to control their small tanks in fields too. Even customers in industries, companies and apartments too want GSM controller along with tank controls also. Due to the repeated calls with this new requirement, a new variant GSM is being introduced for our customers. So, this new GSM is gonna help to control the motor pump based on water level of tank like regular automatic water level controller. Along with the regular functions, this product helps to switch ON the motor remotely from anywhere anytime by giving a Call/SMS/Android app. And, automatic cut off of the motor occurs when the tank is full. Such a wonderful product!!!!

RMG GSM mobile starter!

Help the struggling Farmer!

Here is our New Variant!

For you to be Jubilant!

Product description:

Our GSM Mobile Water Level Controller is very compact and portable. It has all the features of our advanced GSM-SPAT model such as 3-phase Line Check, Dry run Protection, Overload protection and timer features such as Stop timer and Schedule Timer.

  • It has a power ON/OFF switch on the left side frame and a Power ON LED on the front side to denote the GSM unit is ON.
  • There is a Fuse Holder at the bottom of the unit along with 300mA fuse in it as a protector in case of any short circuit.
  • Next to Fuse holder, there are slots for relay outputs, CT coil and input power supply.
  • Visible LED indications for Motor ON, Dry Run, Over Load and Line Fault on the left side – front view of product.
  • Signal LED denotes the signal strength blinks every 3 seconds.
  • SIM Ready LED denotes that the inserted SIM card is active.
  • SMS/CALL LED denotes when motor is switched ON from GSM unit.
  • TIMER LED denotes if the Timer options are programmed.
  • AUTO ON LED denotes that product is in automatic mode.
  • MANUAL ON LED denotes when motor is switched ON manually from your starter.
  • TANK full Led helps to switch OFF the motor automatically in AUTO MODE. It also indicates that Tank is full.

Working Operation:

Once installation is done, the following parameters are found.

  • In Automatic Mode, the AUTO ON LED will be ON. Based on the level in the tank, motor is automatically switched on and switched OFF. When Tank is Low – Motor is ON and when tank is full – Motor is OFF
  • Semi auto function in Automatic Mode – User can give command for Motor ON and when tank is full automatically motor is CUT off.
  • Dry Run: With the help of CT coil, GSM unit senses the dry running of motor and switch it OFF.
  • During Overload and Line Fault, GSM unit will switch OFF the motor pump.
  • For Timer Option, user can set the OFF time while giving the motor ON command. Motor will switch OFF after the SET time is over.
  • For Scheduled Timer Option, 5 slots of ON/OFF time can be given in a day and the motor will automatically switch on and switch Off for the set time slots and also automatically cut off when tank is full.


  • Visible Attractive LEDs
  • Works both as automatic controller as well as GSM mobile starter.
  • Fuse protected.
  • Has 3 phase line check facility.
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Can be used as Stop timer/OFF delay timer.
  • Can be used as Scheduler in real time.
  • A DIY product. Does not need any expertise person to fix it.
  • Very compact and portable design.
  • Advanced Embedded Technology
  • Very much Durable, Reliable.
  • High Performance.
  • Corrosion Free Floats for tank.
  • Supports only water float switch.
  • Microcontroller based intelligent circuit.
  • Long lasting and User Friendly.
  • 12 months warranty.

Uses and Advantages:

  • Helps the farmers and agriculturists by helping them avoid travelling long distances.
  • Is of much useful when we forget to switch off the motor. Just by giving a call we can switch off the motor from anywhere in the world.
  • Helps to know the current status of motor.
  • Prevents overflow and water wastage.
  • Helps save money and power.
  • One time investment. Long term satisfaction.
  • Provides ease and comfort to the users.


  • This product is best suited for Panchayat water tank control, agriculture pond motor, fisheries, and prawn farms. It is high time to travel long in water to put the starter. Reduces the risk of travelling in water to pond location to switch on their starters.
  • It is helpful in many industrial sectors, companies, educational institutions, charitable trust, hospitals, schools, hostels and hotels.
  • Very much applicable in multi-storeyed building such as apartments and layouts, Shopping Malls, theatres, Stadium, Wedding halls/Party halls, Temples etc.


Operation Manual

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Input Power Supply Single Phase AC 230V
Internal Voltage 12V DC
GSM Band - Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Relay Ratings 10A / 250V AC relay
Power Consumption 15 Watts
Power ON Delay 10 Seconds
Enclosure Plastic cabinet
Diamensions 15x4x8.5 cm
  • இந்த தயாரிப்பு குறித்த கேள்விகளை உங்கள் தாய் மொழியில் வாட்ஸ் ஆப் மொபைல் எண் 9940594413 க்கு கேட்கலாம்.
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